The Tale of a Choral Commission

As a response to the social and political polarisation in the world; two London-based choirs decided to jointly commission a choral piece by Fredrik Sixten – one of the most highly regarded composers of choral music in Scandinavia and Europe – with the hope to inspire, build bridges and strengthen the bond between both cultures & artists. 

His musical response, Lux Mundi, is a breath-taking musical journey in from darkness to light three movements; Faith, Hope & Love. The piece is filled with soaring melodic lines, exquisite harmonies and intricate rhythms that both challenge and reward. 

In the beautiful and evocative language of King James Bible; the texts selected are eternally poignant and Fredrik Sixten gets “up close and personal“ with them in every single phrase, meticulously crafting the right expression for each passage speaking of the depths of darkness, and light that offers hope. The result is inspiring, fresh and brave – merging  lyrical Scandinavian traditions with English baroque tonality – in contemporary clothing.

Press Package

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